Version 0.34 brings image caption support and image frames/borders support.

Image Pro WordPress plugin is a totally different approach to Image and Media management in WordPress. Now you can easily add, edit, resize, remove images. It fully replaces WordPress image upload system with a completely new one, which is faster and more fun to use.

Download it here! (please, read readme.txt first)

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Check the video below (2 minutes) to see exactly what this plugin can do for you.

Ideal for content editors with limited IT knowledge, but also a powerful tool for web developers and bloggers, this plugin helps you do the following:

  • view and manage all media files on in WordPress
  • drag and drop media upload (directly from your desktop)
  • drag and drop media from the media panel to the post to insert an image
  • smoothly resize any image in the post (real server-side resize, not just changing the width of the img tag like WordPress does)
  • save time by spending less time attaching files and resizing images and more time creating quality content for your site/blog

##So, … what does Image Pro plugin look like? screenshot-6

  1. This is the media library. It is at any time visible when editing a post or a page. It can be searched for certain file names and filtered by certain file types.

  2. Selected image properties. It expands whenever you click an image in the post and allows you to set different properties

##Upload files? Drag drop them from your Desktop! screenshot-1

Just drag any image, document, flv, swf file from your desktop inside the media manager, and it will be automatically uploaded. You can also drag many files at once.

###Add an image to a post and resize it screenshot-2

It’s simple. Just drag the image from the media library to the post directly! When you’ll drop the mouse, the image will be inserted.

After that, click on it and you’ll see the resize handlers. Use them to resize the image.

  1. Click on the image so it gets the resize handles. Also, when clicking, the “Selected image” panel expands in the right side of your post
  2. Drag the resize handles until you are satisfied with the image size. You will also see the current dimensions in the bottom-right corner of the image while dragging
  3. The image gets resized. You can repeat steps 1-3 anytime you want on any image.

##Change image properties Click the image. “Selected image” panel will appear to the right side of your post.

##Align, caption and add a nice frame to your image

I have to write this somewhere, so it might as well be here: The plugin is young, I’ve secured it as much as possible, but I cannot be made responsible for any losses or issues that may occur due to usage of this plugin! Everything on this page is offered “as it is”.