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Getting started & how to use Hippotomate

Develop and debug your automated tests faster

Hippotomate is an Open Source tool for Selenium that will provide valuable insights in your automated tests and present them in a meaningful and concise way.

Hippotomate runs on Windows and Linux. Mac version will follow soon.

View screenshots, page source and other insights on the spot

No longer save screenshot into files, create names for them and so on. Just take the screenshot and Hippotomate will show it to you. Also, in case of test errors, Hippotomate will also show you the screenshot of the test automation server at that time

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Run your tests step by step

Wish you would know what's going on during the execution of your test? You can now debug them, and run them step by step while getting up to date screenshots at every moment.

Log data from the tests and analyze them with ease

Don't just rely on the console. Log data (strings, JSON objects, arrays) from your tests and they will show up in Hippotomate

Get a high-level friendly view, or deep dive into technical details

New in test automation? Get a friendly, simple view. Experienced in test automation? Get all the details you need to understand how your tests work. Got some complex tests from a co-worker? Run them through Hippotomate and get a birds-eye view of what they do.

Programming language agnostic

No matter if you use Java, PHP, Python, Ruby or JavaScript for writing your automated tests, Hippotomate can help you! Hippotomate is not a plugin for a certain IDE, but rather a helpful add-on, that can be used no matter in which editor and programming language you write your tests

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