• Let’s say you have a busy WordPress site.
  • Let’s say you want to add/remove/change some templates, pages or scripts inside your theme.
  • Let’s say you even want to create a new design or even try new themes to see how they get along with your page.
  • All of this without any other visitor or user noticing!


Using my WordPress theme switch plugin you can do all the things mentioned above, and whenever you’re done, you just begin using that theme.

##How does it work?

##Download plugin Click here to download the WordPress plugin

##Configure the plugin This plugin is aimed for web developers. It does not have an option page, but you can easily configure it’s two parameters by editing it’s source:

  • the user name for which a different theme will be shown (line 11 in the source code below)
  • that theme’s name (the name of the folder which is in) (line 12 in the source code below)
Plugin Name: WP User theme switch - Different theme for a particular user
Plugin URI: https://www.mihaivalentin.com/different-wordpress-theme-depending-of-the-current-user/
Description: Useful for developing new versions of the site. The admin user will se the theme he works on, and the normal users will continue to see the normal theme.
Version: 1.0
Author: Mihai Valentin
Author URI: https://www.mihaivalentin.com/
$mv_theme_switch = array(
  'user' => 'insert user for which you want to show a different theme here',
  'theme' => 'insert the "different" theme here'
require_once (ABSPATH . WPINC . '/pluggable.php');
global $current_user;
function mv_theme_switch_callback($t) {
  global $mv_theme_switch;
  return $mv_theme_switch['theme'];
if ($current_user->user_login == $mv_theme_switch['user']) {
  add_filter('stylesheet', 'mv_theme_switch_callback');
  add_filter('template', 'mv_theme_switch_callback');

For example:

$mv_theme_switch = array(
  'user' => 'admin',
  'theme' => 'copy_of_current'

This means that the user admin will be seeing the theme from wp-content/themes/copy_of_current, while the normal visitors will see the normal theme, the one set in Appearance - Themes in WordPress.