Mihai-Valentin Curelea

Senior Python Fullstack Solutions Architect | Ex Facebook (Meta)

I am a Senior Python Solution Architect / Contractor / Freelancer with 15+ years of experience, only interested in remote work.

I use my passion, skills and experience acquired in top industry companies like Meta (Facebook) to help businesses around the world make more money by designing, implementing and optimizing their software solutions.

Do you want to find out how my experience can help your business? Let's talk!

I can help your business:

Increase software delivery and prototyping speed

You can have the best product and the best product managers, but if your engineering team does not deliver and prototype fast enough, your competition will always be ahead of you.

I will work with your engineering teams to understand what is slowing them down and make technical and cultural improvements to ensure your software gets to your customers faster and your feedback loop decreases.

Take better decisions based on data, KPIs, metrics, logs

Can you imagine departments like Finance, Marketing or Sales running without metrics and KPIs? Engineering is no exception.

I will work with your engineering teams to ensure logging, metrics and KPIs are extremely easy to export, visualise and alert on, so you can always be in full control over what happens to your business.

Increase resiliency and reliability of your software

Every software will eventually break. What matters is how your business reacts to such an event and how quickly it can restore functionality.

I can help your business set up SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) best practices so outages could be resolved quicker and reduce the impact on your business.

Save hundreds of hours of engineering time

It's a very competitive market for software engineers and hiring new engineers is challenging. On top of that, the complexity in our industry has increased substantially and this requires more and more focus from your engineers.

It doesn't have to be like this. I can help you implement engineering efficiency and developer experience best practices so that you will use your existing engineers more efficiently, by making them more focused and ensuring tools work for them and not against them.

Mentor your teams, key engineers or engineering leaders

I mentored over 50 engineers in various roles throughout my career. This is your chance to transfer some of my expertise, experience and mindset to your engineers or engineering leaders.

My mentorship offering consists in a combination of tech skills, soft skills and mindset that help achieve better efficiency in your organization.